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Kola Farms

Kola Farms is a premium cannabis company started in 2020 in Michigan that produces concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges and pre-rolls. The company operates a cultivation facility in northeast Michigan about one mile from Lake Huron. Kola Farms focuses on combining farming and cannabis to cultivate the highest quality marijuana products at its cultivation facility. Kola Farms boasts more than 70 different strains of cannabis. Its processing facility operates state-of-the-art equipment and uses advanced cannabis extraction methods. In addition, Kola Farms performs solventless and hydrocarbon extraction methods in the production of its products.

Reviews for Kola Farms

If you grabbed a cici kola I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. That thing tastes amazing. Think it was pushing something like 20% terps.

@smegmagenesis010 Review via Reddit

They're great. They won this year's cannabis cup for their Medical gummies. I have some of the starberry gummies for rec and they're awesome.

@stonecloakwand Review via Reddit

Hype is not too shabby. Very tasty. Now, that Cici from Kola Farms you posted there is one of the tastiest I've had yet if it's their live resin. Snagged one for 25 bucks and it's just skunky citrus lemon for days.

@malkinism Review via Reddit

Kola Farms Product Line

  • Concentrates: From soil to oil, these cannabis concentrates come in a variety of solvent and non-
    solvent products.

    • Live resin badder
    • Live resin diamonds
    • Live resin diamonds and sauce
    • Solventless budder
    • Solventless jam
  • Gummies: Made with vegan-friendly pectin in a variety of flavors, including fruit and maple donut, 100 mg.
  • Pre-rolls: These pre-rolled joints come from among the more than 70 different strains of cannabis flower cultivated at Kola Farms, available in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. 1 g singles, 3 g multi-pack
  • Vapes: A line of 100% Live Resin and Distillate cartridges

Kola Farms FAQs

What is different about Kola Farms products?

Kola Farms offers Michigan-made cannabis products from sun-grown plants. The company promotes regeneration as critical to its efforts to maintain a natural and rich environment for its plants, which is the basis of its regenerative farming practices. These include water conservation, animal integration and no-till farming in cultivation. Kola Farms also conserves its land use, with only 15 of 150 acres at its cultivation facility used to host the cannabis plants it relies upon. This is part of its broader commitment to the environment to ensure it remains bio-diverse and healthy. Kola Farms received the High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Award First Place Award in 2022.

Neighborhood Provisions

Where to Buy Kola Farms Cannabis Products in Michigan

Kola Farms cannabis products are sold in dispensaries throughout Michigan, including Neighborhood Provisions.

Buy Kola Farms products at Neighborhood Provisions

Neighborhood Provisions proudly offers its customers Kola Farms products and other high quality cannabis brands. Our dispensary is a community-driven medical provisioning center that takes a creative approach to cannabis solutions, with the intention of helping customers find a happier, healthier life. Stop by our dispensary to learn more about Kola Farms products.

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