Steps To Get Your Medical Card

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a brief consultation with the neighborhood doctor, and discuss your reasons for wanting a medical marijuana card. You can schedule using the calendar below.

Please Note: For our first-time guests or those needing to renew their medical cards, there is a one time fee of $100.


Step 2: Register with LARA

After you schedule your consultation, Click “Apply Now” to go to the state website to complete your online registration for your medical card.

This must be done within 14 DAYS OF CONSULTATIONDr. Robert Currier’s “Michigan Physician Licensing Number” 5101007444

  • Important: After you have scheduled you consultation, click “Apply Now” to be redirected to the state website.
  • Complete your online registration for your medical card. Ensure you register within 14 days of your consultation to avoid any additional fees or re-registration.
  • Note: When registering, you may need Dr. Robert Currier’s “Michigan Physician Licensing Number” which is 5101007444.

Please be aware:

  • Failing to adhere to the 14-day timeframe after registering with LARA will require you to re-register and pay the associated fees again.
  • First time card holders and renewals are currently $40 to the State of Michigan; valid for two years.



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