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Michiganders who enjoy cannabis have plenty of options to choose from when it’s time to get high. Whether they want to smoke, vape, dab, or ingest edibles, the Great Lake State is home to some of the top brands in the industry.

At Neighborhood Provisions, we’re proud to sell products from these brands, and we’re always looking to partner with new cannabis businesses that pop up in the state. So, here’s a rundown of some of the best cannabis brands in Michigan and what they have to offer.

Best Weed Brands in Michigan

While this isn’t a complete list of our brands, we know you’ll enjoy all of these products. If you want a chance to browse our selection and buy top-tier cannabis, visit our store today.


Part of the reason why cannabis legalization has been gaining steam is that the plant comes with a wide variety of health benefits in addition to getting you high. The company 1906 (named after the last time cannabis was widely used) believes that mantra wholeheartedly. Each of these edible products is more like a health supplement, not a psychoactive drug.

Some examples of 1906 products include:

  • Go – An energy booster
  • Genius – Gives your brain a little more pep and focus
  • Bliss – Feel good without feeling too good
  • Midnight – An all-natural sleep aid so you get more rested

Crude Boys

While edibles are an excellent way to take cannabis, smoking some reefer is still the preferred method of many Michiganders. Crude Boys makes it even easier by offering a selection of high-quality pre-rolled joints.

There was a time when pre-rolls were full of sticks and stems as a way for a store to get rid of subpar weed. These days, brands like Crude Boys provide both quality and convenience when packing these rolls, so they’re just as potent and enjoyable as if you packed them yourself.

In addition to joints, Crude Boys also offers vape cartridges.

Kola Farms

At Neighborhood Provisions, we’re proud to work with local Michigan farms to source the best cannabis for our customers. Kola Farms is located about a mile from Lake Huron, so it doesn’t get much more local than that.

Kola Farms also produces over 70 unique strains, making it one of the most productive and prolific growers in Michigan. When you come to our store, you can buy cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, and some of the most potent concentrates you’ve ever had. From the farm to your mouth, Kola Farms is about as high-quality as you can get (pun intended).

Stiiizy Cannabis

Although Stiiizy is a California-based brand, it’s been in business since 2017, so it has the knowledge and experience of growing the best cannabis around. Stiiizy vape cartridges are unmatched, and many of our customers love buying their pods and cartridges for their cannabis-smoking needs.

In addition to carts, Stiiizy creates highly potent extracts and concentrates, edibles, and flowers. No matter what kind of weed you prefer, chances are Stiiizy has you covered.

Wyld Gummies

Cannabis gummies are a mainstay because they’re tasty and offer an easy and potent high experience. Wyld Gummies is an Oregon-based brand that takes an all-natural approach to the edible-creation process. These gummies are about as delicious as can be, thanks to natural flavors and extracts from all your favorite fruits.

The potency of each gummy varies, and Wyld is good for both newbies and experienced cannabis connoisseurs. If you want to elevate your gummy-eating experience, you need to get Wyld.

Get Your Cannabis Products From Neighborhood Provisions

Neighborhood Provisions is proud to sell the best weed brands in Michigan, and we invite you to come check out our selection in person. We’re conveniently located in Alpena, and our team is more than happy to make suggestions so you feel your best. Visit our dispensary today!

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