The Best THC Drinks and CBD Drinks in Michigan

A THC Drink

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If you want to enjoy cannabis, you have more options than ever before. While smoking or vaping have always been the most popular methods, more companies are experimenting with edibles and beverage options. After all, why smoke THC when you can drink it?

Michigan THC drinks have become increasingly popular once the state started allowing them to be sold in 2021. So, because drinking THC is getting more popular, we decided to look at the best weed seltzers, sodas, and other beverages available. Here’s what we discovered.


Top THC Infused Drinks in Michigan

Although THC drinks are quickly gaining traction, the state still imposes heavy restrictions, so you can’t just go to any dispensary and crack open a cold one. Also, keep in mind that CBD-infused drinks are different because they’re not psychoactive. We’ll discuss the best CBD drinks in the next section.


Happi is a cannabis-infused seltzer, which seems to be the norm for most manufacturers. The brand also claims to be the first to market in Michigan, giving it a distinct edge against its competition.

When looking at the flavors offered by Happi, it’s easy to see why people enjoy drinking it. Options include pomegranate hibiscus, raspberry honeysuckle, lemon elderflower, and lime wild mint.

However, because these are seltzer flavors, they’re relatively light and dance across your tongue rather than deliver a strong taste upfront. So, if you’re not a fan of seltzer already, you may not be too happy with Happi (see what we did there?).

As far as THC concentrations, most flavors have between 2.5 and 5mg, putting them well below what you would find in a joint or concentrate. Also, some flavors incorporate other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. This way, you can get a more well-rounded drinking experience.

Highly Casual

Next to Happi, Highly Casual is one of the best weed seltzers on the market in Michigan. With a commitment to adding more flavor to each can and delivering a smoother high, users may prefer Highly Casual overall.

Although the THC concentration is relatively low (2 mg), that should be enough to feel a slight buzz after one drink. Plus, you can drink a few seltzers in a single sitting without worrying about getting too high.

The flavors offered by Highly Casual are fruity and delicious, including blueberry pineapple, strawberry watermelon, and lemon-lime. Presumably, as sales increase, the brand will offer more options in the future.

Mary Jones Soda

If you’re a soda lover, you’re probably familiar with Jones Soda. This brand has long been known for developing and selling unique and somewhat bizarre flavors, so it makes sense for it to jump onto the weed beverage bandwagon. If you’ve ever had the Thanksgiving Dinner Soda Pack from Jones, drinking THC out of a bottle won’t seem so strange.

To highlight how unique this product is compared to the company’s traditional soda, the brand is renaming its flavors “Mary Jones.” Options include orange cream, green apple, root beer, and more.

What really sets Mary Jones soda apart from other weed seltzers is that each bottle contains far more THC. You can choose between the 10mg or 100mg serving, either out of a 12 or 16 oz bottle or can. So, if you’re looking to get high and want all the sugary goodness of a soda, Mary Jones should be on your shopping list.

Top CBD Infused Beverage Options in MI

Although there’s a benefit to drinking your way to a mellow high, what about if you want to feel good without psychoactive effects? In those instances, CBD-infused drinks are the way to go. Since CBD isn’t as tightly regulated as THC, it’s more widely available. However, there are still limited brands selling this kind of beverage, so keep that in mind.

Purely CBD Water Additives

Technically, Purely CBD doesn’t sell any beverages, but it does sell this tincture you can add to water for a customized CBD experience. Since you can add as little or as much as you want, this additive has a distinct advantage over other CBD drinks.

Plus, you can buy mixing powder for a stronger flavor and a more intense CBD feeling. Otherwise, a few drops will do, with flavors like grape, pima colada, and strawberry lemonade.
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Mother Earth Natural Health

If you prefer to drink your CBD out of a can, Mother Earth Natural Health has you covered. So far, this brand only sells black cherry flavored soda, but it may add more options as CBD beverages start to become more mainstream.


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