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The Fourth of July is always a big celebration in the US, showcasing the best that America has to offer with backyard barbecues, live music and parades, and of course, fireworks. While fireworks shows can be impressive and beautiful, they can be something entirely different for your pets. If you have dogs or cats, the 4th of July can be an anxiety-filled occasion with loud noises and off-putting smells.

Thankfully, you don’t have to subject your pet to the anxiety of a July 4th celebration. Instead, you can rely on an all-natural method of calming them and putting their furry minds at ease: CBD. Neighborhood Provisions is your best resource for pet CBD, both for the holiday and ongoing stress relief.

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What is Pet CBD?

Pet CBD products are merely items infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and designed for use with your pets. Some of these products are topical, meaning you can apply them to your pet’s skin and fur. Many other pet CBD items are edible, so you can use them as a treat for your furry friend.

Technically, CBD products can work with animals as long as they don’t contain any chemicals or additives. As long as you have an all-natural CBD product, you could potentially use it for your pet’s anxiety. However, be sure to check in with your pet’s veterinarian just to be certain. 

How Does Pet CBD Help With 4th of July Celebrations?

Cannabis works by triggering your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates various bodily functions, including stress, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. Incredibly, dogs and cats also have an ECS. This means cannabis can have similar effects on your pets as it does on you.

New research illustrates that dogs and cats that took CBD were calmer and more relaxed. It seems the CBD activates the ECS and helps soothe their nerves so they don’t overreact to stimulation, such as fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Giving your pet CBD before celebrations begin can help them adjust to the loud noises. Also, if your pet gets anxious when guests are around, CBD may be able to help with that, too.

Buy Pet CBD and Other Cannabis Products From Neighborhood Provisions

It doesn’t have to be a national holiday to shop at Neighborhood Provisions. Our Alpena, MI, dispensary is open all year long, and we have everything you need to keep yourself and your pet calm. From CBD edibles to top-tier cannabis strains, we’re your one-stop shop to help you feel your best. Visit us today and have the best 4th of July celebration ever!

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