Make Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet with the Best Cannabis in Alpena, MI

Make Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet with the Best Cannabis in Alpena, MI

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With your card picked out, sweet sentiments in mind, and your eye on the best spots for things to do in Alpena, Michigan for date night, Valentines Day is assuredly on the way! While a heart-shaped box of their fave chocolate and a bundle of roses may be more traditional, a cannabis-infused chocolate bar and bouquet of their favorite green flower is bound to be a better idea. All jokes aside, we’ve got some of the best cannabis Valentine’s gifts in Alpena, MI at Neighborhood Provisions. Check out our list to get some sweet ideas.

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Best Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day in Alpena

Best Cannabis Products for Dates

From top-shelf flower that makes every kind of food taste amazing to cannabis edibles that will transform even a lame rom-com into gut-busting hilarity, cannabis can transform a mundane date into something extra in a lot of ways. For example, if your partner loves Italian, but it does nothing for your appetite, a few hits of a Pineapple Express pre-roll from STIIIZY will push your appetite into overdrive. Likewise, a low-THC cultivar like Biscotti Pancakes from Grown Rogue will leave you focused and with a bubbly giddiness.

A few other excellent cannabis picks for date night include:

Camino Social Sparkling Pear Cannabis Gummies Product Image

Best Cannabis Products for Intimacy and Sex

Planning to get up close and personal when the Valentine’s Day date comes to a close? Cannabis may even be good for intimacy and sex. In fact, some strains have a reputation as the best weed for sex, such as Wedding Cake and Blue Dream. If you prefer something other than flower, look for 1906 Love Drops, which have an even balance of THC and CBD, but are also made with valuable herbal aphrodisiacs to get you and your lover in the mood.

A few good picks on the menu when it comes to the best cannabis products for intimacy include:

Best Cannabis Products for a V-Day Night at Home

Would the two of you love nothing better than to curl up on the couch with a high-potency strain, a few munchies, and a good movie? If your idea of the best Valentine’s Day is a date night right at home from the couch, we’ve got all the good recommendations for the occasion. The beauty of date night at home is you don’t have to be too concerned that a high-THC flower or product may leave you star-gazing and ready for sleepy snuggles.

A few good picks for a romantic night at home on the couch include:

Best Cannabis Products for Romance

Turn on the blameless candles, run a hot bath, turn on some love-fueled tunes, and don’t forget a trip to the dispensary! Some cannabis products simply ooze romance or can make a romantic evening even more fun, such as:

Breeze Canna Strawberry Cream THC Disposable Vape Pen Product Image

Find All the Sweet Deals for Valentine’s Day and Beyond at Neighborhood Provisions

When there’s love on the line, Neighborhood Provisions has got you covered if the one that holds your heart adores fine cannabis as much as you do. And don’t forget, we’ve got all the sweet deals on weed at our Alpena dispensary, from $4 pre-rolls to $6 edibles! So, even if you’re shopping for your love on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our full menu to see the latest good cannabis buys and place an order ahead for curbside pickup.

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