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When the turkey is on the shopping list or chilling out in the freezer, dinner plans being made, and dreams of pumpkin spice in the air, it’s a sure sign that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Weed lovers have an even bigger reason to be thankful when Turkey Day rolls around: Black Friday dispensary deals. Whether you’re looking for Green Wednesday deals before heading off to gobble till you wobble or the day after you’ve done just that, we’ve got all the deals at Neighborhood Provisions.

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When Is Green Wednesday for Cannabis Deals?

Black Friday in cannabis dispensaries usually starts on “Green Wednesday,” or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Because so many people shop for weed before the holiday, this day has rapidly grown to be one of the biggest days for cannabis purchases of the year. And, as things tend to go in the world of weed, the day has been dubbed as an unofficial special day with a nice name. Hey, what can you say? Cannabis enthusiasts love a good reason to celebrate!

Thanksgiving and cannabis seem to go hand in hand when it comes to holidays. Good food and good weed with the people you love means the food tastes even better than usual and the conversations or laughs rarely run dry. So, go ahead and pass the gravy and a good pre-roll of your favorite flower in celebration.

Expect the Best Green Wednesday and Black Friday Deals at Neighborhood Provisions

We’re making big plans to offer a cornucopia of good deals for Thanksgiving, including special savings on some of the best brands in the state. A few deals you may see on Green Wednesday and Black Friday include:

Find the Best Black Friday Dispensary Deals in Alpena

If you’re shopping for cannabis on Green Wednesday or Black Friday, be sure to visit Neighborhood Provisions. This Thanksgiving, we’re so grateful for all the customers we’ve had the pleasure of serving this year. And we can’t wait to celebrate the festive season by offering some of the best weed in Michigan at the best prices possible. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu for upcoming savings opportunities.

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