Celebrate Earth Day and Sustainable Cannabis in MI!

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As Earth Day approaches, Neighborhood Provisions wishes to highlight the importance of preserving our planet. As part of the cannabis community, we wholeheartedly embrace sustainable growing practices to positively impact the environment. Earth Day is April 22, and Neighborhood Provisions plans to mark the occasion by holding ourselves accountable for reducing our impact on environmental resources.

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Neighborhood Provisions: Honoring Earth Day 2024

Neighborhood Provisions understands the importance of investing in our planet and is committed to positively impacting the environment. We believe in strict, sustainable cultivation practices. Our Michigan dispensary develops partnerships with local farms that believe in clean growing practices. Producers should not use harmful pesticides or toxins that pollute soil or waterways.

Neighborhood Provisions actively participates in community clean-up initiatives, demonstrating our dedication to creating a healthier and cleaner world. We volunteer our time and donate funds to keep our Michigan neighborhoods free of trash.

The Importance of Sustainable Cannabis

Neighborhood Provisions believes that reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the most significant contributions that the cannabis industry can make to the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is critical for fighting climate change.

Cannabis farms in Michigan can use carbon sequestration to reduce emissions. Soil management practices allow plants to absorb and store carbon to remove it from the atmosphere. Studies have shown that hemp is highly effective at carbon storage. Cannabis plants surpass even trees in how much carbon they can store.

We are also working with farms that believe in soil revitalization efforts. Cannabis can help restore damaged soil through bioremediation, which targets and degrades pollutants in the ground.

Growing cannabis outdoors is considered a preferred option for the environment. Outdoor plants rely on natural sunlight and rain—reducing energy and water usage. Water irrigation systems help eliminate water waste for indoor growing, while LED lighting systems decrease energy consumption.

Zero-Waste Cannabis Practices for the Environment

Sustainability for the cannabis industry extends beyond cultivation practices to packaging and waste management. Neighborhood Provisions and our partners reduce their environmental footprint by minimizing packaging waste and reusing containers whenever possible.

Deforestation is a major environmental concern. However, cannabis can provide a greener alternative to traditional wood and paper products. Hemp is a fast-growing plant and requires fewer resources to grow than trees. Rolling papers made from hemp is a greener option than traditional rolling papers.

As Earth Day approaches, Neighborhood Provisions hopes the cannabis industry can continue contributing to a healthier future for all. Neighborhood Provisions prioritizes sustainability and wishes to set an example for the industry. Let us all join together to celebrate Earth Day 2024 and make a change for the better.

To learn more about Neighborhood Provisions, please visit us at 909 West Washington Avenue in Alpena, Michigan. If you have any questions, please reach out at (989) 266-9333. We are open daily and carry a comprehensive collection of pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and flower.

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