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Whether you are in the southern part of Michigan, the northern peninsula, or near downtown Detroit, you likely have a good dispensary nearby. Michigan as wholly embraced cannabis on a recreational and medical level, which has birthed many amazing places to find good weed. Check out the best dispensaries in Michigan 2023.

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Best Dispensaries in Upper Michigan

Neighborhood Provisions in Alpena, MI

Type: Recreational and Medical

If you’re looking for the best dispensaries in Upper Michigan, check out Neighborhood Provisions in Alpena. Neighborhood Provisions sits on the northern edge of the peninsula just outside the Thunder Bay River State Forest area and near the shores of Thunder Bay on West Washington Avenue. Considered the premier recreational and medical dispensary of the north, our dispensary is a family-owned place focused on excellent cannabis, cannabis advocacy, and cannabis education.

Neighborhood Provisions provides one of the best selections of fine flower in top strains in the state, but the menu also includes:

Neighborhood Provisions offers convenient shopping options, including online ordering and pickup, as well as long-distance delivery up to 50 miles with orders over $150. The dispensary consistently gets reviews from happy customers for their dedication to providing only top-quality products and being a friendly place in the neighborhood when you want to learn about cannabis. Neighborhood Provisions has a loyalty program to earn extra savings and daily deals on top of its already reasonable prices.

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Best Michigan Dispensaries Near Ohio or in Southern MI

Dispo x Fire Creek Dispensary, Battle Creek, MI

Type: Recreational and Medical

Customers in Northern Ohio or in the southern region of MI have access to the best dispensary in Battle Creek Michigan: Dispo x Fire Creek. This dispensary is known for offering one of the area’s finest collections of quality cannabis products. While Dispo doesn’t yet offer delivery, they do offer quick pickup if you order online. And, customer reviews mention the dispensary has excellent online order turnaround times compared to others in the area.

Ascend Cannabis Provisions in Morenci, MI

Type: Recreational and Medical

Ascend Cannabis Provisions in Morenci sits only a few miles from the northern Ohio border, which makes it a hot spot in both states for adult customers. Ascend prides itself on a well-curated selection of top-rated flower, edibles, topicals, and other cannabis products in MI. However, one reason for the dispensary’s popularity is its premium collection of potent concentrates at reasonable prices.

Amazing Budz in Adrian, MI

Type: Recreational and Medical

Just north of the Michigan/Ohio border, Amazing Budz is a well-established medical and recreational dispensary. Recognized for its chilled, laid-back atmosphere and education-driven initiatives, Amazing Budz is one of the best dispensaries in Michigan. The location offers top products in the state and keeps its prices low, so everyone has access to good bud. Additionally, the dispensary offers delivery to several surrounding counties with purchases over $50.

Best Michigan Dispensaries Near Detroit

Quality Roots Cannabis Dispensary in Hamtramck, MI

Type: Recreational

Awesome mix-n-match deals, a huge selection, and top-notch customer service mean Quality Roots is the best dispensary in Michigan if you’re near Detroit. Quality Roots is located just outside of Detroit in Hamtramck on Caniff Street. The dispensary menu is loaded with one of the largest flower collections you can find anywhere in the area. And, customers claim that the budtenders here are always patient, helpful, and quick to offer advice when needed.

DACUT Weed Dispensary in Detroit, MI

Type: Medical and Recreational

DACUT is a popular pot shop tucked between Grosse Pointe and Eastpointe just south of Detroit. This upscale cannabis dispensary serves both medical and recreational customers with top-quality flower, vapes, edibles, and more. However, a major perk of this dispensary is its extended hours of operation, its dedication to putting customers first, and its good prices for well-sourced cannabis. DACUT also offers a loyalty program that helps customers get big savings from time to time.

Best Dispensaries in Michigan Grand Rapids Region

Exclusive in Grand Rapids, MI

Type: Recreational and Medical

Located in the southeastern area of Grand Rapids, Exclusive is known as one of the best recreational dispensaries in Michigan. However, Exclusive is also open to medical marijuana patients and offers an extensive collection to both types of customers. Not only does Exclusive provide a sizable menu, but the menu is also filled with products at different price points. The dispensary strives to make sure every shopper has access to cannabis and cannabis products they can afford. Plus, Exclusive offers free delivery with orders over $50 within a 30-mile radius.

3Fifteen Cannabis Dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI

Type: Recreational

Located on Plainfield Avenue, 3Fifteen Cannabis Dispensary is one of the most well-known dispensaries in the Grand Rapids area. 3Fifteen is popular because it offers special deals daily, such as $3 pre-rolls and $15 eighths on select flower strains. However, the dispensary also has featured brand deals on some of the top cannabis products in the state. These deals are said to be some of the most competitive prices in the area. 3Fifteen is open seven days a week and offers both curbside pickup and delivery.

Shop at One of the Best Dispensaries in Michigan: Neighborhood Provisions

Often referred to as the best dispensary Michigan has to offer, Neighborhood Provisions is proud to hold that title. We work hard to compile the most sought-after cannabis products and premium flower strains in the state. If you’re heading to the northern Michigan region, be sure to stop by and see us at Neighborhood Provisions. Don’t forget to explore our menu online and reserve popular items ahead for pickup.

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