Best Concentrates in Michigan (2023)

Cannabis Concentrates in Pile of Weed

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Live resin, kief, budder, sugar wax—you can find all the best concentrates in Michigan. The Great Lake State is home to some of the top cannabis concentrate producers. You never have to look hard to find a prime-level concentrate in the consistency or type you want. While narrowing down the choices can be difficult, we’ve compiled a list of the best concentrates in Michigan below.

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Best Concentrates in Michigan 2023

1. Chocolate Gelato Live Resin from Cannalicious

  • Lineage: Indica
  • THC: 63.5%

Live resin concentrates are pulled from the freshly harvested cannabis plant, so all those delicious terps are still intact. The Chocolate Gelato Live Resin from Cannalicious Labs is easily one of the best concentrates in MI if you want a more full-spectrum experience. This Indica strain is all cocoa-sweetness and cream with a hint of spice. And, the effects are a bit like being wrapped in a warm, sleep-inducing blanket that can be great for pain or to help with sleep.

2. Melted Strawberries Kief from Chief Kief

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • THC: 62%

One of the real OGs when it comes to concentrates, kief is a preferred concentrate for its potency and ease of use. Our customers have fallen in love with the Melted Strawberries Kief from Chief Kief. This strain-specific kief is all-natural, terpene-rich, and impressively potent for kief. Just as you would expect from a Strawberry strain, this kief serves up tastes of ripe berries and hits oh-so-smooth. The top-level effect is a sense of serenity with a tendency to drift into giggles or sleep.

3. Tangie Live Diamonds from Kola Farms

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • THC: 73.45%

The Tangie strain is a cross between a potent Skunk and California Orange, which means loads of sweetness and citrus. The Tangie Live Diamonds concentrate is hands-down one of the most exemplary ways to experience all the best parts of the strain. You get a flavorful dab that delivers effects true to the strain. The effects are emotionally uplifting with an undeniable hint of boosted creativity and focus.

4. Garlic Sherb Hash Rosin from Play

  • Lineage: Indica
  • THC: 92.75%

Easily one of the best concentrates in Michigan 2023 has to offer, Garlic Sherb Hash Rosin from Play is exceptionally potent. This concentrate is for the more experienced concentrate consumer but provides divine garlic/skunk flavors and a heavily sedating level of euphoria.

5. Lemon Crumble Bucket from Shatter House

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • THC: 75%

Always a customer favorite, Lemon Crumble from Shatter House is flavorful, potent, and nothing short of fantastic to experience. These citrus-tinged crumbles pack a punch—the effects can be described as a one-two hit of immediate euphoria followed by utter relaxation.

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Whether you’re an experienced dabber or just getting started, we can point you to the best products at Neighborhood Provisions. We carefully vet every concentrate we include on our menu to make sure it meets our standards for purity and safety. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of cannabis concentrates.

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