Best Cannabis Vape Carts in Michigan (2023)

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Looking for the best vape carts in Michigan? We’ve got you covered with all the top picks at the Neighborhood Provisions dispensary. From up-and-coming stunners from new brands that came out swinging to well-established classic strains from brands you know, check out the best marijuana cartridges in Michigan below.


Top 5 Best Marijuana Cartridges in Michigan

1. Binske Watermelonade Live Resin Carts

  • THC: 85.1%
  • Type: Sativa

Binske is well-known for offering the best weed carts in Michigan, but the Watermelonade vape cart is always a top choice. This cart is made with live resin, which means you get to enjoy all those flavorful terpenes that stay intact to deliver a melon/citrus dose of flavor in every hit. Crafted from a Sativa strain, Watermelonade vape carts are noticeably uplifting by lulling your body into a more relaxed state for sleep.

2. Crude Boys Hella Jelly Carts

  • THC: 83.51%
  • Type: Sativa

A cross between Notorious THC and Very Cherry, the Hella Jelly strain packs a punch, and the Hella Jelly Cart from Crude Boys is just as noteworthy. This vape cart serves up the essence of the flower in a smoke-free form that still delivers the energetic motivation you would expect. A lot of people love this cart from Crude Boys because of its long-lingering effects.

3. Five Star Extracts Spring Break Sugar Sauce Carts

  • THC: 81.38%
  • Type: Hybrid

Affordable and authentically crafted to respect the active compounds in cannabis, Five Star Extracts vape carts are some of the best THC vape carts in Michigan. The Spring Break sugar sauce cart pick is always a good choice. With a tendency to get you uplifted and sociable, this vape cart is a top seller every time.

4. Kola Farms Purple Hindu Kush Live Resin Cart

  • THC: 68.6%
  • Type: Indica

A solid Indica strain, Purple Hindu Kush is an all-out celebrity in the world of cannabis. The Kola Farms Purple Hindu Kush Live Resin Cart is just as likely to leave you starstruck with its fruity spice that hints at grape and florals. The effects of this vape are just as diverse: you get an initial pick-me-up of euphoria before being lulled into a totally relaxed, utterly blissful state.

5. Platinum Pineapple Express Vape Cart

  • THC: 79.23%
  • Type: Hybrid

Pineapple Express is one of those old-school weed strains that never falls out of favor, so it’s no surprise that the Pineapple Express vape cart from Platinum is a hit. With its trademark tropical kick of flavor and just enough skunk, this cart has all the flavor you could want. And, the combination of creative euphoria and physical soothing is everything you should expect from anything labeled Pineapple Express.

Find All the Best Michigan Vape Cartridges at Neighborhood Provisions

If you prefer to vape the cannabinoids you want in your life, finding a product to deliver in Michigan is easy. Best of all, you only have to stop at one shop to get access to a vast selection: Neighborhood Provisions. Check out our dispensary menu to find the latest additions, staff picks, and special deals before you order or stop in for a visit.


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