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Looking for the best cannabis in Michigan? You should have no trouble finding a brand that offers just what you want when it comes to quality flower. Check out a few of the top picks for the best weed brands and strains in the Great Lake State.


Check Out the Best Cannabis in Michigan

Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue is one of Michigan’s largest cannabis cultivators but offers an incredible portfolio of exotic strains that they grow year-round. The brand is known for offering up some of the finest cannabis strains like Georgia Pie and Gelato Punch. With a true dedication to keeping costs low and delivering craft-level cannabis, it is hard not to find a strain from Grown Rogue that is difficult to appreciate.

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest was one of the first cannabis cultivators in the state and has always been referenced as a grower with the best weed in Michigan. Golden Harvest focuses on cleanly-grown cannabis with top-level terpenes for a super-flavorful, reliable experience. The Apples & Bananas strain is a prime example of what the brand does best, but several other strains are just as good.

Sozo Health

Sozo Health is a multifaceted cannabis brand with flower, extracts, and other products. However, the brand is most widely known for its incredible flower. Sozo offers over 40 different cultivars, all brought to life with leading attention to genetics, cannabinoid quality, and terpene profiles. Picks like Biscotti and Sour Garlic Cookies are just a few of the strains you’ll find on dispensary menus to appreciate.

Redbud Roots

Known as the premier cultivator of craft cannabis, Redbud Roots offers some of the best weed strains in Michigan. The brand offers more than 30 different strains that cover the full spectrum of cultivars, so every customer can track down their preferred experience.

Cheech’s Private Stash

Without a doubt, you can’t talk about the best cannabis in Michigan without mentioning the brand brought to life by one of the best-known cannabis activists of all time: Cheech Marin. Cheech’s Private Stash is known for quality and offering the best experiences. Rumor has it that Cheech tests every strain for himself before it ever hits the market.


What About the Best Weed Strains in Michigan?

There are so many brands offering good picks that it truly is hard to narrow down the choices of the best weed in Michigan by strain. However, there are definitely a few top contenders that get a lot of attention, such as:

  • Dirty Taxi from Glorious Cannabis – 30.95% THC
  • Rainbow Runtz from Cheech’s Private Stash – 23.03% THC
  • SFV4 #8 from Redbud Roots – 27.7% THC
  • Motor Breath #15 from Sozo Health – 23.8% THC
  • OG Kush from Cresco – 23.36% THC

Find the Best Cannabis Strains in Michigan at Neighborhood Provisions

From old-school classics to up-and-coming favorites, we fill our dispensary menu with the best cannabis in Michigan. Our inventory is ever-evolving as we find new fan favorites and supply and demand ebb and flow. So be sure to check out our online menu to get a peek at what we have in store. Don’t forget, you can now order for both curbside pickup and delivery within 50 miles of our dispensary.


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