Shop 1906 Products in Alpena, MI: What Are They? What Can They Do For You?

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Fast Acting, Low Dose, Targeted Effects, Medicinal Plants

Have you ever ate an edible and was worried it was either too much, or too little? Let 1906 take those worries away from you. 1906 is a Cannabis Company that focuses on edibles, and not just any edible. Their edibles are scientifically formulated to be Fast Acting, Low-Dose effective, along with having Targeted Effects and additional Medicinal Plants.

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They created there name off the base fact that the last time that Cannabis was widely used was in the year of 1906. Their main mission is to get us “back on track, and to make cannabis accessible and understandable for all”. In the next section, we will cover their products, as well as the products Targeted Effects. They surely have something for any part of the day. Ready to shop for 1906 products? Check out our menu:

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Go: for ENERGY


  • Giving you that little extra pep
  • Housecleaning
  • Supercharging your long-distance run
  • Helping you through the mid day slumps

Genius: for Brainpower

Great FOR:

  • When you need extra help focusing
  • Putting that new furniture together
  • Programming or Gaming
  • Getting rid of procrastination

Bliss: for Happiness

Great FOR:

  • Happy hour
  • Tuning out those annoying siblings
  • Giving yourself a pat on the back
  • Boring road trips (not driving of course)
  • Feelings of Bliss

Love: for Arousal

Great For:

  • That extra special date night
  • Heart-opening exploration
  • Boosting arousal of all genders & (legal) ages

Chill: for Relaxation

Great FOR:

  • Taking a mental break
  • Post-workout relaxation
  • Cocktail replacement
  • Soothing inflammation

Midnight: for Sleep

Great FOR:

  • Sleeping in that uncomfortable motel bed.
  • Forgetting about the day.
  • A great night sleep, without having to rely on any pharmaceutical medications.
  • Anyone struggling getting and staying asleep.

1906 Products – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Drops Can I Take? Any Dosage Suggestions?

According to 1906, they suggest starting with 1-2 drops, but never more than just one drop of midnight, even with a high tolerance.

  • Are 1906 Products Vegan? Gluten-Free? Sugar-Free?

All 1906 Products are Vegan-Free, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free.

  • Why Such A Low-Dose?

By scientifically formulating each individual drops with multiple plant medicines, you aren’t solely relying on just the THC/CBD.

  • Can I Combine Different 1906 Experiences?

Yes, you can combine different 1906 Experiences. Different combinations as stated on their website include, Go & Genius, as well as Love & Bliss together.

  • What Is The Shelf Life of Drops? 

1906 Products all have a shelf life of at least 1 year, and a minimum of 3 years without a decrease in potency.

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Ready to shop for 1906 products? Order online and pickup in-store at Neighborhood Provisions, located at 909 W Washington Ave, Alpena, MI 49707.

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