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Wyld is an Oregon-based cannabis company founded in 2016. It specializes in best-in-class cannabis edibles made with real fruit and natural flavors. The company, created by three college friends in a tiny farm building in Central Oregon, now boasts America’s best-selling cannabis gummy. Wyld Gummies promotes itself as an independent and progressive cannabis company with an emphasis on stringent standards for product quality and business practices. The company’s products have a reputation for being flavorful, with natural, high-quality ingredients and consistent dosing. In 2019, Wyld introduced Wyld CBD, which offers a complete product line of real fruit infused, broad-spectrum Hemp CBD gummies and sparkling waters featured in Natural Grocers across the country. The company operates five production facilities in four states.

Reviews for Wyld Gummies

Those raspberry gummies do something insane to me lol. Whatever situation I’m in - the wyld’s seem to take on that vibe? Like I’ve been to shows where everyone around me was rolling and I had taken 1 raspberry gummy and I felt like was rolling??

@Aggressive-Fudge508 Review via Reddit

They are some of the best gummies you will taste. They hit slightly faster than other edibles..

@NotScaredofYourDad Review via Reddit

Wyld‘s gummies are some of the best in the game! I introduced my mom to the strawberry ones and they’ve helped so much with her pain and mobility issues. The sour cherry ones are my favorite!!

@moonstruck_icarus Review via Reddit

Wyld Gummies Product Line

  • Gummies: Made with real fruit and enhanced with botanical terpenes, 100 mg
    • Raspberry – Sativa Enhanced
    • Huckleberry – Hybrid Enhanced
    • Marionberry – Indica Enhanced
    • Pomegranate – Hybrid Enhanced
    • Peach – Hybrid Enhanced
    • Strawberry – Hybrid Enhanced
    • Pear – Hybrid Enhanced
    • Elderberry – Indica Enhanced
    • Sour Apple – Sativa Enhanced
    • Sour Cherry – Indica Enhanced

Wyld Gummies FAQs

What is different about Wyld Gummies products?

Wyld Gummies uses cannabis extracts that are blended with unique botanical and fruit terpenes to craft the company’s widely praised flavors and effects. Wyld Gummies earned its reputation with the help of a team of food scientists who designed and continue to improve the products. Its strict manufacturing standards and quality controls are designed to maintain consistent dosing and flavor in every batch of gummies produced. Wyld also focuses on its commitment to support, promote and partner with organizations committed to social and racial justice. Other causes promoted by Wyld include the health and wellness of communities, countering the negative impacts of the War on Drugs through education and activism, and environmental stewardship. Wyld partners in education and activism causes with local and national organizations.

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Where to Buy Wyld Gummies in Michigan

Wyld Gummies are sold throughout the country, including in Michigan at Neighborhood Provisions.

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Neighborhood Provisions is a community-driven medical provisioning center that takes a creative approach to cannabis solutions, with the intention of helping customers find a happier, healthier life. Stop by our dispensary to learn more about Wyld Gummies and other cannabis products.

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