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Sapphire Farms

Sapphire Farms is a local Michigan cannabis grower operating out of the Southeast corner of the state. Unlike other growers, Sapphire Farms is an outdoor, sun-grown operation. So, each plant is exposed to Michigan weather during the growing season, infusing them with natural elements you can’t find anywhere else.

This grower is also Certified Kind, which is the highest honor any grower can receive within the industry. This certification illustrates the team’s dedication to protecting each plant from seed to harvest. With over 20 different strains grown on the farm, there are plenty of options for both beginner and veteran weed lovers to enjoy.

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Sapphire Farms Product Line

Sapphire Farms only grows cannabis flowers—they don’t produce any other products like edibles, concentrates, or cartridges. As of 2023, the farm produces 24 unique varieties, including Sapphire Farms Hella Jelly and Garlic Budder. Here’s a complete list of the current strains they provide:

  • 707 Headband
  • Animal Face
  • Bruce Banger
  • C99 X Blueberry
  • Caramel Cream
  • Do-si-Dos
  • Frosted Hog
  • Garlic Budder
  • Gazzurple
  • GMO x Eastside OG
  • Hella Jelly
  • Humbolt Headband
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Kush Cake
  • LA Kush Cake x Kush Mintz
  • Lemon Venom
  • Meat Breath
  • Mimosa
  • Nic the Bruiser
  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato
  • SFV Cookies
  • Slurty #3
  • Tropicana Cookies

FAQs About Sapphire Farms Michigan

When Was Sapphire Farms Founded?

The farm was founded in 2018 in Bangor, Michigan.

What Types of Strains Do They Have?

Most of the strains offered by Sapphire Farms are Indica-dominant, but each plant is a hybrid strain.

Does Sapphire Farms Offer Pre-Rolls?

Yes, the company does sell pre-rolls of its most popular strains.

Sapphire Farms Review

There’s not a lot of information out there regarding Sapphire Farms, possibly because the company is relatively new. However, from the limited information we can discover, it looks like many weed enthusiasts are not big fans of sun-grown cannabis. Many users believe that indoor-grown flowers are superior because the growers can maintain stricter control measures.

However, those who enjoy organic outdoor cannabis like the fact that Sapphire Farms strains have a potent blend of terpenes and THC for a more full-bodied high.

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Where to Buy Sapphire Farms in Michigan

Because this company produces so many strains, it’s easy to find these flowers in stores across Michigan. However, it’s very unlikely that you can get access to all 24 strains at a regular dispensary because they have to feature multiple brands. If there’s a particular strain you like and you can’t find it anywhere, you may need to reach out to the Farm itself.

Buy Sapphire Farms Weed at Neighborhood Provisions

At Neighborhood Provisions, we respect the people at Sapphire Farms for their dedication to producing high-quality products. We sell all their top-selling flavors, including Hella Jelly, Garlic Budder, and more. Stop in our store today to see what else we have in stock. Our team is also ready to help you pick the best flower for your needs.


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