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Redbud Roots

Redbud Roots, founded in 2017, is a Michigan-based craft cannabis cultivator, processor and supplier. The cannabis company offers more than 30 medical and adult-use products, including vaporizer cartridges, edibles, topicals, tinctures, sprays, concentrates, extracts, and flower. Its brands include Fruit Stand, CultivArt and Hash House. Redbud Roots offers a range of wholesale services to others, including a cannabis toll processing lab that produces premium and consistent cannabis products for many of the state’s top cultivators.

Reviews for Redbud Roots

Redbuds HTFSE carts are going to be much higher quality than anything else you’ve listed. Those brands just use caregiver distillate with added terps. Redbud grows all their own flower and processes it in house. The high terpene full spectrum extraction gives you a range of cannabinoids and natural terpenes extracted right from the plant. Most other brands buy terpenes and add them into random distillates.

I got orange cheddar. It has a very terpy flavor, which was suspected of being HTFSE. It's a little intense at times. Gets me good and stoned though. You can take big rips with a WPA though.

@sgtmuffins98 Review via Reddit

Redbud Roots Product Line

  • Pre-pack flower: In a variety of strains and product sizes
  • Pre-rolls: Disposable all-in-ones
  • Rocket-infused pre-roll: 1-gram pre-rolls infused with Distillate
  • Full spectrum vape carts: Cannabis-derived terpenes blended with high potency pure Michigan distillate
  • Topical lotion: Absorbs quickly as a moisturizer and provides immediate relief
  • Purified RSO: Easily consumed through baking, cooking and vaping
  • Live Resin: Crafted from harvested fresh-frozen flowers to capture the strainʼs expression
  • Cured Resin: High potency, strain-specific extract derived from dried cured cannabis flower
  • Fruit Stand cartridges: High potency distillate infused with all-natural botanical terpenes
  • Fruit Stand gummies: Fast and potent THC onset in tasty fruit flavors
  • Hash Rosin 510 vape carts: Extracted cannabis oil designed for vaporization in .5g cartridges
  • Single Source Hash Rosin: Full spectrum Hash Rosin in an artisan concentrate
  • Hash Rosin gummies: Full spectrum hash rosin edibles in a 100mg package
  • Strain art carts: Cannabis-derived terpenes support the unique terpene profile
  • Strain art pre-rolls: 10-pack of .5 gram cultivar-specific pre-rolls

Redbud Roots FAQs

What is different about Redbud Roots products?

Redbud Roots relies on science and creativity to create its products, using advanced formulations that make it stand out as a premier pioneer in the cannabis industry. Redbud Roots does not remediate any of the flower the company cultivates and produces. Its vape cartridges are entirely free of Vitamin E Acetate. As a contract manufacturer, Redbud Roots can manufacture extracts using ethanol, butane, or solventless to offer its wholesale customers a broad range of finished cannabis products.

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Redbud Roots products are sold across the country, including in Michigan at Neighborhood Provisions.

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