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Five Star Extracts

Five Star Extracts produces some of the highest quality THC products in the cannabis market. The company offers a unique selection of cannabis products that are easy to consume and discreet, with the ability to bring them with you on the go. The company offers its Double Shot beverage line with 20mg of THC in a variety of different flavors. It also produces cannabis-infused tincture beverage enhancers with mix and match flavors.

Reviews for Five Star Extracts

I honestly think everything I’ve ever had from them was super solid. Their Trop Cherry Nug Run Sauce has been my favorite solvent concentrate on the market. Fairly priced usually and solid. 100% sorry $30/G.

fruityterpstops Review via Reddit

I picked up some True North Concentrate Five Star Extracts a few weeks ago from House of Dank Ypsi on a 4/100 deal. I got GMO cured badder, GMO Butter cured badder, Trop Cherry nug run sugar sauce, and Tropical Mints nug run sugar sauce. They're all kind of dark (amber colored), but still decent, terpy, and get the job done.

gurrimandy Review via Reddit

Had their Platinum Jelly sugar sauce last year and it was incredible. Worked at a dispo and both fellow coworkers and employees alike all agreed that 5 Star is the jam!! Great deal!!.

LegallyNifty Review via Reddit

Five Star Extracts Product Line

  • Cannabis infused Double Shot: This nano-formulated beverage features 20mg of THC and real fruit juice
  • Vape Cartridges: 510 carts, .5g
  • Flavored cannabis Tincture: This fast-acting tincture syrup beverage enhancer comes with 400mg THC

Five Star Extracts FAQs

Who owns Five Star Extracts products?

Five Star Extracts is owned by 1933 Industries, a vertically-integrated, growth-focused company that primarily concentrates on the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis products under various brand names and in a wide range of product formats. 1933 Industries, a publicly-traded company operating through two subsidiaries, controls all levels of the cannabis process, with cultivation, extraction, processing and manufacturing supporting a wide ranging portfolio of cannabis brands and licensing partners.

What is different about Five Star Extracts products?

All Five Star products come from organically cultivated cannabis flower, sourced from the top suppliers in California and Nevada. Five Start ensures the quality of all of its products through testing and certification provided by third party laboratories. The biggest distinction of Five Star’s products is their clarity and potency combined with strain specific oil, unlike other products on the market. The cannabis company follows strict proprietary extraction processes that will ensure that all of the unwanted and undesirable compounds are removed, leaving only the highest quality, pure, clean and smooth cannabis product possible.

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