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Dr. Bob’s Botanicals is a CBD wellness company based in Alpena, Michigan. Dr. Bob is a real person who has studied medicine for several decades and has seen the restorative power of CBD firsthand. The company sources high-quality cannabis to generate its CBD so each product is as effective as possible.

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Dr. Bob's Botanicals Product Line

Dr. Bob’s only has a few products in its lineup, each one designed for a specific purpose.

  • All-in-One CBD Hemp Relief – This CBD salve combines multiple cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC. It’s designed to help with various skin conditions and provide targeted relief immediately.
  • Balance CBD Tincture – This product aims to help you stay calm and balanced throughout the day, thanks to the “entourage” effect of multiple cannabinoids.
  • Day-Time CBD Tincture – This tincture helps you feel more focused and energized with natural ingredients.
  • Fading Fast CBD Tincture – If you need help falling asleep, this product can help relax your mind and stimulate serotonin production for a better night’s sleep.
  • Harmony CBD Salve – While the All-in-One product can work well, this version has higher concentrations of each cannabinoid for more effective results.
  • Harmony CBD Tincture – The Harmony formula is in tincture form so you can feel better throughout your body.
  • Sleep CBD Tincture – While Fading Fast helps you relax and fall asleep, this tincture promotes healthier, deeper sleep. So, if you tend to wake up throughout the night, this product can make it easier to stay asleep for longer.

Dr. Bob’s Review

Although there are many CBD products available, customers seem to think that Dr. Bob’s is more effective at helping them sleep and relieve muscle pain and soreness. Because the concentrations of CBD are so high (usually around 2000 mg), you don’t have to take much to feel the effects. Also, Dr. Bob’s uses only natural ingredients, so each product feels amazing and has no negative side effects.

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Where to Buy Dr. Bob's Botanicals in Michigan

Because Dr. Bob’s is based in Michigan, it’s easy to find these products in wellness stores and dispensaries. You can find them almost anywhere you find CBD for sale in the state.

Buy Dr. Bob’s at Neighborhood Provisions

At Neighborhood Provisions, we want you to feel your best. In addition to selling Dr. Bob’s CBD products, we have many other CBD tinctures, gummies, and creams. Plus, if you want to enjoy the benefits of THC, we have everything you need.

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