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Shop for Crude Boys cannabis products including carts, live resin, pre-rolls, and more in Alpena, Michigan at Neighborhood Provisions. Offering a variety of noteworthy strains in a convenient one-gram cartridge, these weed carts pack a punch. Here is a thorough Crude Boys cartridges review to give you a closer look at this up-and-coming product and where to find them in Michigan.

Crude boys carts for sale in MI - product lineup

Crude Boys Carts

Where to Buy in MI?

On the lookout for cannabis carts that are as close to the authentic flower as you can get? You won’t want to miss Crude Boys carts. Shop this brand at our dispensary in Alpena, MI.

What Are Crude Boys Carts?

Crude Boys carts are cannabis cartridges pre-filled with a potent cannabis concentrate. Crude Boys uses familiar strains to create their carts and are said to have a terpene-rich formula, so you get an experience as close to smoking the actual flower as possible.

Crude Boys, which is another brand in the lineup from Choice Labs, offers everything from shatter and pre-rolls to Moon Rocks, which are BHO-infused buds that are coated on the exterior with bubble hash and knife. This lineup includes pre-rolls, concentrates, flowers, and cartridges with a variety of strains, including hybrid, Sativa, and Indica options.

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Who is Choice Labs?

Choice Labs is the parent company that owns Crude Boys. They are one of Michigan’s leading marijuana processors, with a main office in Jackson, MI, on a 10-acre campus. Their main focus is on their processing facility. Choice uses materials from the best grows in the state to make a variety of fully tested products for licensed provisioning centers.

Crude Boys Carts FAQs

Are Crude Boys carts made with Live Resin or another type of concentrate?

The Crude Boys brand does indeed offer 1g Live Resin Carts for sale, but they also offer other products like shatter and cannabis flower. Check out their full available product suite on Leaflink.

What kind of extract is in Crude Boys carts?

Crude Boys are filled with a potent cannabis concentrate that is extracted in a way that maintains the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the plant itself. This “live” method of extraction ensures you get a smooth and flavorful smoke as you would expect from cannabis flower bearing the same name. For example, a Crude Boys Lemon Haze cart truly delivers those intense citrus terpenes you normally get from smoking the flower.

Are Crude Boys carts potent?

Potency with Crude Boys carts can vary depending on the strain you choose. For the most part, you can expect the concentrates in the carts to be around 80 percent THC or higher. Be sure to get a good look at the product label to view the potency of any cart you pick up.

The Crude Boys Carts Product Collection

The Crude Boys cartridge lineup is extensive with around a dozen or more strains to choose from. Each cartridge carries the name and cultivar designation as the strain itself. A few of the top options you will see in MI dispensaries include:

  • Alaskan Thunder Funk – Sativa
  • Squirt – Sativa
  • Watermelon Zkittlez – Indica
  • Sojay Haze – Hybrid
  • SFG OG – Hybrid
  • Lemon Haze – Sativa
  • Lemon Tart – Indica
  • Ice Cream Cookies – Indica

Other Products Made by Crude Boys


Crude Boys shatter is made from only the best cannabis flowers, so it is stable, strong, tasty, and cheap. They use a secret mix of hydrocarbons to make sure that the concentrates they sell are the cleanest in Michigan. Look for a wide range of strains. A dab will do ya!


Pre-packaged 8ths of flower from Crude Boys are made with only the best hand-picked buds from the best local growers. Your nuggets stay fresh and ready to enjoy in sealed glass jars until its time to fire them up.


If you don’t know what a cannabis “tarantula” is, you should probably stay away until you’re more experienced with smoking. Tarantulas are not for newbies, as they’re made entirely from cannabis flowers (including the outside). To make the Crude Boys Tarantula even more potent, the company dips each one in premium cannabis distillate and rolls it in terpenes and kief (aka cannabis crystals, or pure trichomes).


These cartridges are also called Crude Boys Big Ripper, and you can find a wide variety of flavors based on the different strains available. These carts are pretty potent and only recommended for experienced users. With two grams of THC each, they’ll get you high a lot faster than most regular buds.

Overall, Crude Boys disposable cartridges are useful for those who like to vape instead of smoking joints.

Moon Rocks

The Crude Boys brought back a crowd favorite. Enjoy Kief and Bubble Hash on top of buds that have BHO in them. A great way to add flavor and slow the burn to a pre-roll.


Crude Boys cannabis concentrates are made from hydrocarbons and are 70–90% more powerful than those of the competition. Clean test results and great flavor profiles. Crude Boys touts themselves on quality, so even though they “love to #KEEPITCRUDE” the “DON’T like butane soup!”

Crude Boys Cartridge Reviews

Crude Boys carts are popular, but they are also a new product addition from Choice labs. Therefore, there is not a ton of firsthand information available as far as online reviews. Nevertheless, a few reviewers on Reddit claim the carts are potent with some excellent flavors to choose from. Customers in the Neighborhood Provisions dispensary say a lot of the same things: they love the strain selection and the carts are exceptionally flavorful with a good hit. The carts themselves have a high-quality build that works well with most vaping devices. We also like that these products are relatively affordable, especially given how much THC is inside. Overall, if you want a classy cannabis experience, you may want something different. However, if you want to get high without spending a fortune, Crude Boys gets the job done pretty well.

Neighborhood Provisions

Where to Buy Crude Boys Carts in MI

Crude Boys carts, as well as other products like the notorious Crude Boys Tarantula, can be purchased at several recreational dispensaries throughout Michigan. The carts are relatively new to the product lineup and only available at select cannabis retailers, including at Neighborhood Provisions in Alpena. Ready to check out our collection of Crude Boys cartridges? Take a look at our online menu to reserve your order ahead for pickup. Get Directions.

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