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Cresco Cannabis

Cresco Cannabis is the largest wholesaler in the U.S. of branded cannabis products, with some of the most recognized and trusted national brands, including Cresco, High Supply, Mindy’s Edibles, Good News, Remedi, Wonder Wellness Co. and FloraCal Farms.

Reviews for Cresco Cannabis

The high hit heavy with just a couple hits even with my higher tolerances and lasted for a few hours at a time. The high is very chill and relaxing but mentally productive, a bit more physically sedative than some sativas but not in an unpleasant way.

Lucas via Dab Connection

I always go with Cresco, whether it be flower or concentrate. It is in my sincere opinion that there is no better RSO than the RSO that Cresco has to offer.

Brian Sherrick via Facebook

Want sleep? Grab some of this. Want to eat but can’t? Grab some of this. Good strain, second time I’ve had it an it’s up there on my list of good flavors. Smooth smoke, great up lifting feeling.

M........z via Leafly

Cresco Cannabis Product Line

  • Cresco flower: 100% locally grown, carefully nurtured
  • Cresco live resin: From flower, with no additives, never separated or reconstituted. 1 g to 28 g
  • Cresco pre-rolls: Premium flower, consistently packed, .5 g and 1 g
  • Cresco concentrates: Live Budder, Live Sugar and Live Sauce, no artificial flavors or fillers, 1 g
  • Cresco cartridges: 100% cannabis oil rich in flavorful live terpenes, .5 g and 1 g

Cresco Cannabis FAQs

What is different about Cresco Cannabis products?

Cresco focuses on three pillars of cannabis cultivation – uniformity, detail and quality. The company promotes care in cultivation, with each plant coming from the highest quality genetic stock. Cultivation is driven by data at all stages, growing cannabis in a tailored, relaxed environment designed for each plant’s needs.

Neighborhood Provisions

Where to Buy Cresco Cannabis in Michigan

Cresco Cannabis products are sold across the country, including in Michigan at Neighborhood Provisions.

Stop by our medical and recreational cannabis dispensary to learn more about Cresco Cannabis. Neighborhood Provisions is a community-driven medical provisioning center that takes a creative approach to cannabis solutions for a happier, healthier life.

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